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Your Morning Routine Makes The Difference

Oh Mama. Your own #morningroutines make all the difference to the rest of your day.

So before you establish and support anyone else’s routines, what if you establish your own?

Before you start. Here’s the important thing. I’m not talking about starting in on your to-do list. Instead, I’m talking about starting in on your “to-be list.”

Empowering Questions To Create Your Morning Routine

Here are empowering questions to get you started in writing a daily “to-be list” that will be important to your morning routine. (Remember, your goal is to center and ground yourself, to jump-start your day with a healthy dose of self-love.) This routine doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to ground you before anything or anyone else knocks you off your feet.

  • Daily Self-Awareness Questions: This morning, what kind of emotions am I experiencing? This morning, what do I need most in order to center myself for the day?

  • What’s a word or phrase or poem or song that I’m able to meditate on for a few minutes?

  • What self-affirmations do I need to be reminded of before starting my day?

  • What are my top-priority values, and how will they inform today’s to-do list?

  • What do I want to nurture in myself today?

  • What open-ended question do I want to ask myself today?

  • What do I want to do to get my body moving this morning?

  • What’s going to energize me this morning?

As you transition into busier fall routines, I’m rooting for your daily empowerment. I hope your morning routine sets the tone.

What a.m. routines will remind you of your badass self? May you be routinely centered every day.

A Morning Haiku

Whether you're a poet or not, you are able to write a simple Haiku poem that reveals what's going on in your inner world. Haiku poetry acts as an empowerment tool. Here are the steps to writing your Haiku:

  • Begin writing your 3-line Haiku poem about mornings--all three lines will focus on how you feel about mornings.

  • The first line will be 5 syllables.

  • The second line is 7 syllables.

  • The third line is 5 syllables.

  • Reread your Morning Haiku and notice what it captures about your current thoughts, feelings and experiences. You may want to use it as a morning meditation.

Here’s a morning Haiku just for YOU, Mama…

Morning brings fresh starts

time to breathe ponder move love

myself through this day

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2022

Another great post - I love your Haiku poems!! : )

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