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Dawn Geschiere, Empowerment Life Coach

Coaching YOU to live an intentionally empowered life...

Whether it's through 1:1 or group coaching, it's time to discover or rediscover what empowers and disempowers you. Through empowerment coaching you'll be saying YES to living with intention and purpose through whatever life realities you're navigating.

Choose from a variety of 1:1 coaching packages or stand-alone sessions, join one of two group coaching options, or work with me to custom design your own coaching package tailored to reach your empowerment goals.

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1:1 Empowerment Coaching

Coaching that calls forth what's powerful in you.

One-on-one coaching is offered via phone or through Zoom (your choice). Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes and are typically scheduled weekly or twice per month. The duration of our coaching relationship varies depending on your needs.

1:1 coaching offers you confidentiality and a personalized growth plan and approach that is uniquely tailored to you.

1:1 Empowerment Coaching

Group Coaching

Relentlessly YOU

Relentlessly YOU is an online weekly coaching group where you’ll experience:

  • A Quiet, Inviting, Caring, and Trustworthy Female-focused Empowerment Community.

  • Support, Acceptance, Space, Encouragement, and Accountability to be and become YOURSELF, relentlessly.

  • Personal & Professional Goal-Setting rooted in your unique essence, purpose, and values.

  • Being Seen, Heard, Valued, and Accepted without judgment.

  • Trust in your unique Wisdom and ability to Self-Empower.


Relentlessly YOU Group Core Values:

  • Authenticity

  • Honesty

  • Listening

  • Growth & Learning

  • Self-Discovery, Awareness, & Acceptance

*Cost is $40.00 per month

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1:1 Values Listening Session
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Create Your Own
Life Commandments

Write Your Own Life Guideposts

The day after my Breast Cancer diagnosis I wrote  10 Cancer Commandments to empower me through my cancer journey. It's over one-year later I've added two additional commandments and renamed them as my Life Commandments.

This stand-alone coaching session offers you guidance in writing your own 10-12 Life Commandments. Whether you're facing a serious health crisis or not, your Life Commandments will keep you on course to live empowered with intentionality around what matters most to you.

1:1 Write Your Life Commandments
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Speaking & Facilitation

Need someone to empower, support and inspire your employees, teams, or groups of parents/women/teachers/those diagnosed with cancer?  Let's connect to create an empowering speaking or facilitation engagement designed to fit your needs and goals.

Speaking & Facilitation
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