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Oh Dear One. What magic lives inside your self-awareness?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Once again I find myself living in turbulent waters, surrounded by waves of personal, national and global troubles. What about you?

Yet my troubles are not the point here—not really, not for now.

Your troubles are not the point here either, not with this post.

It’s who you are being and becoming. It’s what you do in response to these troubling, deep waters… that’s the point.

And self-awareness is the magic and messy ingredient in this hella-hard lapping and over-lapping liquid threatening to pull you/us under.

Questions to Spark Self-Awareness

So let’s fight for moment-by-moment self-awareness. Create space and time to ask yourself:

  • What’s going on inside me?

  • What is my body trying to tell me?

  • What do I need most?

  • What’s hurting my heart?

  • What emotions are overwhelming me?

  • What happens when I pause and take deep breaths?

  • What if I rest for a few minutes?

  • What words or wordless prayers will I pray?

  • What magical places does my imagination want to take me?

  • What physical spaces and places will comfort and soothe me?

The Magic Ingredients

Ingredients and Tips for Self-Awareness

Stay present to it all, without judgment or shame. Internally listen, externally notice what brings you a lightness and smiles. Let the chaos swirl around you while you dip under the water to find silence and self-awareness.

Oh, and remember—creativity and imagination may be the magic ingredients you need in some moments. You may want answers, relationships, reasoning and logic to solve your problems. Yes, and… sometimes it’s the sprinkling in of fairy dust that stills our swirling waters too.

Speaking for myself, it’s often my inner mermaid that I need.

Yes, I said that out loud. Sh*t.

Are you to be trusted with my magical inner world as much as I’m trusting you with the rest of my thoughts?

Empowerment Tool: Haiku Poetry

Whether you're a poet or not, you are able to write a simple Haiku poem that reveals what's going on in your inner world. Haiku poetry acts as an empowerment tool. Here are the steps to writing your Haiku:

  • Choose a focus/topic for your Haiku, something that you're aware of in this moment.

  • Begin writing your 3-line Haiku poem--all three lines will center on the topic you've chosen.

  • The first line will be 5 syllables.

  • The second line is 7 syllables.

  • The third line is 5 syllables.

  • Reread your Haiku and notice what it captures about your current thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Here’s my own magical self-awareness in the form of a Haiku:

Power in her tale—

my mermaid sings, swims and loves

through waters deep. weep.

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