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Writing: YOU Do Have The "Write" Stuff

Updated: Jun 25

Dear One,

I'm not trying to put words into your mouth (but I will anyway): You and I seek meaningful connections all the live-long day, whether we're conscious of our search or completely unaware.

Staying grounded in the present moment is both hella-hard and instantly rewarding. When you're living in the present moment, you are meaningfully connected to yourself and the world around you. Ah, but this whole staying present and connected thing is far easier said than done.

Writing a few words and phrases will quickly return you to the present moment. Writing connects you to whatever is going on around you. It does this without requiring large blocks of your time, effort or energy.

I believe in you. You have all of the "write" stuff you need (insert wink here).

Jumping Over Your Writing Blocks

Brief writing in response to prompts offers you yet another self-empowerment tool in your tool box. This is the kind of writing that doesn't require your craftsmanship or skill or a love of writing and words.

What if there's a "write" way to live empowered? (Insert another wink here.) Words matter--they are one way to communicate what you're noticing or experiencing. Once you notice and name what's showing up, something shifts inside of you by giving it a name.

When coaching someone, I ask them to keep a notebook and pen or pencil ready. This allows us to incorporate writing into our session, if it seems to fit with what's coming up in the moment. Whether or not my coaching clients are writers doesn't matter. They are writing to connect to themselves.

Handwriting Is Good For You

Handwriting acts as a tactile and sensory experience that benefits you in more ways than one-- in ten different ways, actually. Here's a link to learn more about what happens to you when you write something instead of typing the words. If you're already a note-taker who uses paper and pen, you've discovered its benefits.

Once you write down what you're noticing, actually seeing the words you've written gives you something else. Now you're looking at one of your written out thoughts or feelings or observations. Hmmm... what's here for you now, once you're seeing your words right there in front of you in black and white?

Keep a pen and paper accessible. Using a few words or phrases, write down your thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences or observations throughout your day as a way to stay more present, connected, and focused.

Here are some simple daily writing prompts and ideas to get you started. Even if you have limited time, try using a few at a time. Experiment with different prompts to see which support you more than others.

Throughout your day, any day--morning, noon and/or evening--take 5-15 minutes to check in with yourself, noticing and naming what's showing up for you.

Daily Self-Empowering Writing Prompts:

  • How does my body feel: Any stiffness, soreness, discomfort? What else do I notice related to my body--good, bad, or somewhere in between? What does my body need and want now (or as soon as I'm able)?

  • What is my current mood, and/or what related emotions am I noticing?

  • What criticisms and judgments am I noticing toward myself and/or others?

  • Who keeps coming to mind?

  • What's distracting me?

  • What is bringing me delight/joy? (If you're not experiencing delight or joy, this prompt gives you an opportunity to look for it.)

  • What is one positive acknowledgment I'm able to give myself?

It's okay to play favorites. Daily self-empowerment is about finding which of these prompts connects and resonates with you.

Perhaps you'd like to write your own prompts. If you do create your own prompts or find them from somewhere else, I hope you'll share them.

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