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Coaching to Empower You

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Please... Give Yourself A Bit of Space

Since moving to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) I've discovered a NEW core value of mine. I'm calling it, "Spaciousness." Which is ironic since I'm now living in a sweet 500 sq. ft. studio apartment I call home.

Technically Spaciousness isn't new to me. I'm realizing it's always been there hidden in plain sight. Now, though, it's different. Spaciousness has become a core value that's part of my consciousness.

There is a liberating amount of difference when a subconscious value becomes a conscious core value that shapes our day-to-day existence.

Life is a lot. I don't know about you, but it's hard to live with this kind of incessant intensity. In fact, it's impossible for me to navigate my days without plenty of space to breathe.

What about you--what kind of space do you need and want to navigate through whatever intensity or uncertainty or grief shows up in your daily life?

"Spaciousness" as a Core Value...

"Spaciousness" as a value refers to living a spacious life or a life with plenty of space built into every single day.

Spaciousness looks like...

  • a daily calendar that has zero back-to-back pre-scheduled commitments where breaks aren't put in between one commitment and the next.

  • some days or parts of days where there are NO commitments on the calendar whatsoever.

  • waking up early enough that I don't engage with other humans for a while, as long as it takes me to listen, to get aware of how I'm showing up, and to walk through each of my morning practices. NOTE: This is almost completely unplugged time except for listening to a voice-text from my Accountability Buddy and making time to respond.

  • noticing when I'm simply not o.k..

  • besides my first thing-in-the-morning longer check-in, giving myself a whole lot of quick or not-so-quick internal check-in moments to see what I need to be o.k....

  • naming and writing down my top three priorities for that day. NOTE: This isn't the same as a "to-do" list and it works best AFTER I've completed the morning practices that have centered me.

  • daily living where I'm being and doing an abundance of what I delight in being and doing, for the benefit of both myself and others.

  • moving at a slow enough pace to notice my surroundings, including the humans beings with whom I interfacing.

  • identifying and accomplishing my to-do's with awareness of my other values--like kindness, curiosity, listening, trust, compassion, etc....

  • completing tasks with awareness of my own core beliefs--making sure that my daily routines and commitments don't run contrary to what I believe to be most important.

Space to Grieve

From Jan 31st through Feb 3rd I had the sacred and holy privilege of being with my baby brother, David, as he peacefully left this earth. I sang him songs, read to him, and talked to him, somehow trusting in our 2-way communication that felt completely one-sided.

For 6 weeks in Nov/Dec I also received the gift of spending in-person time with David in a Denver hospital, his home, and a care facility that his hospice team found for him.

Grief is a raw, deep, ever-present reality. Death and loss are part of life.

My own grief includes all sorts of other grief around the loss of our parents and beloved others I’ve said goodbye to over the years. There's the loss experienced during Breast Cancer and my mastectomy.

It turns out that this most recent grief also encompasses my recent divorce and life as I knew it in northern Virginia for so many years. Streams and rivers of grief all flowing together into one…

It takes space and time to grieve.

Pause. Breathe. What loss are you grieving at this moment in time? What space are you making for your grief?

Weekly Coaching Group Begins March 5th: Relentlessly YOU

My brother’s 56 years of life doesn’t seem nearly long enough to suit me, to suit us. Yet we had the gift of spending spacious, focused time together during the past 3 months. What an incredible opportunity for each of us to learn, discover and rediscover more of who the real David is and was at his core, his essence.

After all, isn’t this the real journey for each of us—to relentlessly be and become the unique humans that we’re created to be underneath all the layers?

Being and becoming “Relentlessly YOU” is a lifetime’s hard and beautiful work—worth every bit of your inward and outward time, energy, and attention.

There are plenty of internal and external forces working against you as you seek to discover the truth about yourself. There is also plenty of support available if you choose to stay the course and commit to being present, conscious and intentional.

On Tuesday, March 5th I’m launching a weekly coaching group that is all about saying YES to your one wild and precious life. The purpose of this group will be to provide spaciousness and support for you on your journey to be and become relentlessly YOU.

Relentlessly YOU is an online weekly coaching group where you’ll experience:

  • A Quiet, Inviting, Caring, and Trustworthy Female-focused Empowerment Community.

  • Support, Acceptance, Space, Encouragement, and Accountability to be and become YOURSELF, relentlessly.

  • Personal & Professional Goal-Setting rooted in your unique essence, purpose, and values.

  • Being Seen, Heard, Valued, and Accepted without judgment.

  • Trust in your unique Wisdom and ability to Self-Empower.

Relentlessly YOU Group Core Values:

  • Authenticity

  • Honesty

  • Listening

  • Growth & Learning

  • Self-Discovery, Awareness, & Acceptance

Relentlessly YOU meets *weekly on Zoom, Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST beginning on March 5th.

*Cost is $40.00 per month regardless of how many sessions you attend. Weekly attendance is encouraged but is not a membership requirement—you get to choose your level of involvement.

Explore whether this group may be a good fit for you by scheduling a 15-minute call with me.

I'm here, holding space for you with love.


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