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Coaching to Empower You

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Self-Empowerment Is Possible

Dear One,

Doesn’t it sound wonderful to “live fully empowered” each day? What a grand ideal. Except it’s not that simple. Though maybe it really is much simpler than you may think.

Let’s be real. You and I move in and out of an empowered state multiple times in any given day. As an empowerment coach I don’t promise you days where you’re perpetually empowered moment to moment. I won’t even promise you days where you find your way back to empowerment.

Life happens. Every day there are things that happen to you outside of your control.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do I intend to accomplish all my tasks and to-do’s, reaching the end of my day and realize that nothing went as planned? Ugh.

  • How often do I wake up and realize that something feels “off” and it stays with me for hours or even lasts through until bedtime? I’m simply trying to get through my day–surviving. Ugh.

  • How often do I realize that my biggest goal is to make it through the week? Ugh.

  • How often do I find myself going through the motions instead of being present, alive, energized and engaged in my day-to-day activities? Ugh.

  • How often do I catch myself drifting, distracted and wandering aimlessly?

You’re not alone, not at all. It’s part of being human. You and I drift, stray and wander away from ourselves.

I’ll also boldly add that the culture contributes to your disempowerment. The hamster-wheel metaphor exists for a reason. What if you’re surrounded by those celebrating your living a busy, busy, productive life, but that incessant running around is actually draining the life right out of you?

I’m comfortable making those promises around our empowerment coaching, whether through my services or your own commitment to self-empowerment. Yet, I’ll first dispel any life coaching myths you might have, beginning with what empowerment life coaching is NOT versus what it really is.

As an empowerment life coach I do NOT….

  • Jump into advice-giving and problem-solving and fix-it mode when it comes to your challenges.

  • Tell you what you need to do or who you need to be.

  • Say words that I don’t actually believe. In other words, I don’t bullsh*t you because you deserve an authentic, honest, no-nonsense coach.

  • Offer you one-size-fits-all formulas, strategies or steps to reaching a fully-empowered state that continues forever and ever amen.

  • Guarantee that the exact goals you name before we begin coaching will all be met by the end of our designated coaching timeframe.

  • Guilt-trip or shame you, Period. End of story.

Now for the juicy parts of what empowerment life coaching actually is. As your empowerment life coach I DO….

  • Act as YOUR personal tour guide through the land of self-empowerment.

  • Offer YOU a variety of adaptable self-empowerment tools.

  • Listen deeply with YOU to what’s showing up during our coaching, both during and in between our scheduled coaching sessions.

  • Guide YOU through visualizations that reveal expanded perspectives and possibilities.

  • Hold space for whatever YOU are bringing, without my own agenda.

  • Name what I think I’m hearing YOU say (and not say) without attachment.

  • Hold firm to a vision of YOU staying true and aligned to YOUR own values, purpose and vision.

  • Celebrate who YOU are and who YOU are becoming.

What Does Your Empowerment Look Like?

I do make you a promise of what will happen once you experience empowerment coaching–either through my coaching services or your own self-empowerment coaching.

  • YOU will discover what will keep returning you to an empowered state where you’re routinely and intentionally moving back into choice.

  • YOU will build your own “Self-Empowerment Toolkit.”

  • YOU will learn to listen to what’s really going on in your internal world.

  • YOU will begin tuning in to your resonance.

  • YOU will realign with your values, purpose and vision.

  • YOU will begin to figure out your “disempowering activators.”

  • YOU will identify your “empowering activators.”

  • YOU will live with intention.

YOU are an incredibly powerful human being. What will it take for you to self-empower each day? I’m rooting for you.


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