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Parenting Hindsight: What Is "Mother's Day"?

Some hindsight wisdom from a mama to five amazing young adults…

Dear One,

I promised you another love letter during the month of May. So here we are, Mama/Papa.

Unpacking Mother's Day 2024

Mother’s Day 2024 is now a wrap. I’m wildly curious about your unique Mother’s Day experience, knowing that it varies year to year, person to person. 

Each year I hear or read Mother's Day comments and stories from moms who acknowledge that this holiday brings up a messy mix of experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Not once have I come across a Mom or adult child who says that the day holds nothing but pure joy and celebration for them.

What about you, dear one? Are you the exception, the one who loves everything about this holiday, the one who consistently enjoys this annual holiday from beginning to end?

Even the activist responsible for initiating Mother's Day as a national holiday eventually tried to have it removed. Anna Jarvis, if you were still living, I'd want to have a conversation.

While Mom’s Day remains fresh in your mind, I’ll offer you some reflective prompts in case you’d like to integrate your day’s experiences. Being intentional with this holiday may give you insights as to what’s important to you for how you want to spend future Mother’s Days moving forward…

  • What’s your relationship with the day itself? What do you like or dislike about this holiday? 

  • What kind of thoughts and emotions do you often experience as you anticipate the day? 

  • What were the highlights and lowlights of your Mother’s Day 2024? Make the time to name and describe each one.

  • Since becoming a Mom and assuming you’ve experienced more than one holiday, what’s one of your favorite Mother’s Days? What about your least favorite? What did your favorite year’s day include? What about your least favorite?

  • From May 2024, what’s clear to you about this holiday? What do intend to do with Mother's Days in the future?

I'm now 39 years into being a Mom--which makes for incredible and varied Mother's Day experiences, perspectives, and emotions. At age 64, I'm committed to honor whatever shows up year-to-year as yet another Mom's day rolls around the corner. I hope that you'll do the same.

I will share that I enjoyed a marvelous Mother's Day outdoors, picnicking and kayaking with two of my daughters. As I looked at Mt. Rainier (Tahoma) from my kayak, I held space for "all the things."

Every Day Parenting

Meanwhile, I'm wildly curious about what it takes for you to value and celebrate yourself during the remaining days of the year. YOU keep showing up--with love and commitment--to parenting a child, while also being responsible for your own well-being. What an incredible reason to value and celebrate yourself every single day of the year.

Do not take yourself for granted, mama. Thank yourself at the end of each day.

Since this may be easier said than done (understatement), I'll offer these prompts as quick check-in points throughout your day...

Morning Wake-Up prompts to Check-in:

  • How well did I sleep?

  • What does my body need and want in this moment?

  • What do I need most to stay present today?

  • What is my intention for today?

Afternoon Awareness prompts to Check-in:

  • What food have I eaten today?

  • What's my water intake up until now?

  • What am I present to in this moment?

  • What do I need most to stay focused?

Evening Bedtime gratitude prompts:

  • Thank you, Self, for... (Thank yourself for 3-5 values you honored today.)

  • Thank you, Self, for... (Thank yourself for 3-5 of your strengths that showed up in you today.)

  • Thank you, Self, for... (Thank yourself for 3-5 things you accomplished today.)

  • Thank you, too, for... (Here's where you'll express thanks for whatever good people, things, and experiences showed up in your day.)

May your days be filled with meaningful connections. You're incredible.

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