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Coaching to Empower You

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Yes, and...

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Painting shared with permission by my friend, Artist and Coach, Jenny Hernandez.

When I coach you, I offer you my imagination. I bring a wild curiousity that sees all of you--your whole self with its shadows and light and everything in between. I imagine what's possible for you. I'm listening to what you say and what you don't say and all of the ways that you're speaking without saying any words. I listen for resonance, for what brings you alive, and in my imagination I picture you--this authentically wonderful, unique and vibrant human being saying YES to your life.

Throughout our coaching I'm holding space for you with this vision of you fully alive to thrive. I keep imagining you living in your purpose, filled with self-acceptance and standing in self-authority.

Together we dive under the surface of whatever brought you to coaching. We explore who you really are, what you really want, what you really value. When we hear your, "Yes, but...," we decide whether you're holding on to a limiting belief or listening to a voice that's not really your's. We both start to hear your, "YES, and...," and we realize that you've expanded your own possibilities. Once you've found your YES, you begin to say NO to anything that stands in your way or stomps on your core values.

Your YES is your's. It's one of a kind. YES to your life.

A Mermaid's Song

Sing to me of ancient love, of who I am

beneath the surface, of who I'm meant to be.

Sing to me with powerful questions,

with songs as flowing as my inmost hopes and dreams.

Take me through these waves of doubt and fear

to where courage sits in treasure chests.

Swim with me through uncharted waters

to where my own song untangles from

its seaweed of other's expectations, and

moves away from these shark-jaws of injustice.

Sing your song to lure me toward my ego's death,

to lure me to the death of my own self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Sing your song until I join you in a love song to myself.

I will sing to One who created me in mystery and marvelous joy.

I will dance and jump through waves as I keep eyes

on the horizon where there is a sunrise radiating with my purpose.

Sing with me the love songs of all God's creatures big and small.

Sing with me until we find those hiding

in the shadows of hate and judgment,

those whose song has gotten garbled or been silenced.

Sing with me until we strike a chord or note that reverberates

with its message of belonging and hope and beauty.

Sing with me until they swim with us

in oceans of endless, boundless love.

And when we hear all creatures 'round us singing

and we see them dancing with delight,

we will celebrate with songs together, you and I.

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