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Love With Abandon

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Oh Mamas. Papas too. What if love is an endless commodity? What if love isn't a commodity at all? What would it look like for you to love with abandon?

Generosity implies a mindset of abundance. In thinking about love, any kind of scarcity thinking will keep us from giving and receiving the endless supplies of love available to us. How are we able to love generously if we think that LOVE is something limited?

Today I’ll focus on this kitchen towel’s truth: Love & Cook with Abandon. Funny that this towel happens to be another perfect gift from the bestie I mentioned in yesterday’s IG and FB post. This towel hangs in our kitchen, now looking its age but still speaking its timeless message.

Our holidays in 2020. Everything’s different, everything’s changed. Lots of pain and hurt and suffering, and way too much injustice and division and...

Yet, there’s this thing called LOVE. It’s still everywhere, all around us, endless. That’s not a cliche, it’s a fact. And when we trust and believe that LOVE never ends, that it’s boundless—oh my. Some days it’s hard to believe, but I want to be tenacious in holding fast to this truth. If I'm being honest, I will acknowledge how hard it is to believe this truth--at least on a heart level. I still have way too much scarcity-thinking around love.

A scarcity mindset also means that we wrap my own definitions around what love is supposed to look like. We set up expectations for receiving love in our own most familiar languages, and we miss some of the love that's offered because it doesn't fit our expectations.

My husband and I implemented a new bedtime practice. Right as we get into bed, one of us begins by saying, "Today, I appreciated when you..., and...." When the first person is finished naming our appreciation, the other does the same. (Yes, this is an example of where I sometimes bring my coaching tools into my family relationships.) We've both found surprises in what the other appreciates. It's occurred to me that our new practice seems aligned with the idea that LOVE comes in all shapes and sizes--that it's everywhere if we look for it and listen well to hear its voice.

What about you? What's here for you in knowing that love is endless, everywhere?

Oh dear God. It’s 2020, but you already know that. Please heighten our awareness of this boundless, never-ending love all around us and in us. Somehow, some way, let our love flow like a river. May we LOVE with abandon. Somehow, some way, give us eyes to see and hears to see and hear true love’s flow—even it looks and sounds nothing like we imagined.


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