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Coaching to Empower You

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Try Following The Path of Most Resistance

Dear One,

Perhaps it’s time to stop resisting your resistance.

IF you truly notice, pause and LISTEN to your internal resistance… it becomes your very own personalized empowerment tool.

Your Resistance Is An Empowerment Tool

Resistance reveals what’s underneath the surface as you connect and relate and respond to this marvelous and messy world around you. Your resistance shows you where you’re temporarily disempowered.

If you pay attention to its presence, your internal resistance is revealing important truth about you and your relationships.

Your resistance might be showing you…

  • what you fear.

  • what makes you anxious.

  • what you value and what you don’t.

  • what you really love or like or want or need and what you don’t.

  • what makes you angry.

  • what you’re avoiding.

  • what bullsh*t you’re believing.

So have I convinced you to stop resisting your resistance? Or at least to give it some attention when it shows up? What if you try following the paths of most resistance to see where they lead you?

A Process For Listening To Your Resistance

Maybe you’d like a bit of practice in listening to your resistance. Here is a simple process to get you started:

  • ️Notice your resistance. (Your body may be giving you clues before you’re even aware it’s there.)

  • ️Pause. Breathe. Create a bit of space.

  • ️Begin asking yourself some questions like these: What’s really going on with me? What’s making me uncomfortable right now? What emotions are here? What’s irritating or bothering or upsetting me? What am I avoiding? Which of my values are being dishonored right now?

  • ️Listen to it all without judging it as right or wrong, valid or invalid. Name whatever it is—silently or out loud or in writing.

Facing A Cancer Diagnosis: Talk About Resistance

In June 2021 everything in me resisted my Breast Cancer diagnosis and its time-consuming, uncertain and scary realities. My internal world went into a tailspin. This professional headshot was taken on a day where I embodied my resistance. As I’ve talked with others impacted by Cancer I’ve heard variations of similar initial internal responses.

The resistance to my internal chaos was disempowering. It would have been understandable to focus on external pragmatics, logistics and treatments. Still, it wasn’t an either/or choice. I had to create space for both physical treatment and healing as well as internal healing to process through my resistance.

I’m so glad I made space for listening to my resistance until it gradually became an empowerment tool.

So, what if you rest in your resistance for a bit, at least until you’re ready to walk the path it reveals?


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